Shaista Wahidi Is Divorced – Now Shaista Wahidi – Fake Doctor

Posted on October 10, 2012


The 40 year old lady (fake Dr) Shaista Wahidi, the famous Pakistani morning show host and sister of Sahir lohdi has been finally divorced.

It is reported as that she filled divorce papers against her husband and shifted herself to a separate apartment in defence while her husband still lives in Nazimabad. Last year she took a vacation to Thailand with her kids only. She has been severely sick with depression and other stuff due to which she was not hosting for Utho Jago Pakistan. But now she is back after a long time. She always used to put Wahidi with her name but now she calls herself as Dr Shaista. She also told that she has suffered a lot in previous few months. When asked about who is responsible for her success she said her family and her kids no mention of husband. She was looking very dull at the set of the morning show Utho Jago Pakistan and she has lost a lot of weight too. Well, according to the latest updates her divorce has become finalized and Shaista is a single women from today.

Talking about the public views, some people blame Shaista for divorce while some blame her husband. Some say  Maybe its the greed for quick big money that causes rifts in families and husbands and wives, or the stress of the job.
Big money comes with big stress. That is why people who win big lotteries mostly end up being in trouble sooner or later. Reports indicated that Shaista’s husband was against her from being on television, dancing on the show, showing off expensive dresses, etc.

We will keep updating you about the accurate news. For more updates, stay tuned with us.

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She is also having nice affair with you know all 😉

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